NoCo Mini Maker Faire 2016

We had a great time at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire in Loveland, CO as usual!

Since this was the second faire for Tonia, here’s what Kylie & Danielle, our workstudy students, had to say about the experience:


At the Northern Colorado Mini Maker Faire of 2016 held in Loveland, Colorado, I was able to play a role in helping kids and adults see what amazing opportunities there are with technology. We at WyoMakers, had out booth set up where children and adults were able to paint with Sphero Bots by controlling them with a Samsung tablet. The most fun and memorable part of the fair was seeing the amazement on the kids, and even adults’ faces when they moved the Sphero around into the paint and onto the paper to make their own unique designs. Many of the adults were surprised at how great their kids were able to control the bot and paint something; I’d say they were mainly amazed at the fact that their children were better at using the software to move the Sphero then they were.

I heard many of the adults comment on how such a good idea it was to paint with the Sphero Bots, ask many questions about how much the average Sphero cost, and inquire about how the software works. They also asked us about what WyoMakers is and what we do. We told them that we are located in Laramie, Wyoming at the University of Wyoming. We also told them about how we are expanding and trying to make 3D printers and design software more accessible to the community. Many people who came to our booth were very impressed and said that they think it is a great opportunity to Wyoming’s community and how they wish something like WyoMakers was accessible in their community. I had a great time being around children and adults, and teaching them how to control the Sphero Bot and answering their questions.


The NoCo mini maker faire was my very first maker faire.   Not knowing what to expect or what it might be like, I would say it was a pretty cool experience.  I felt that the faire had a lot to offer for not only kids but also adults.  From hands on crafts to technology based items and just informational speakers.  I got to interact with some adults who were trying to find ways to incorporate more technology within in the classroom.  Not only did they share their ideas with us but we also got to share ideas that we have used in the makerspace here in Laramie.

At the University of Wyoming’s booth we used Sphero balls and paint and had kids use the tablet to drive the Sphero ball and not only kids but also adults thought it was a great idea.  This activity made kids concentrate on the activity that was being done and stay focused because they were in control of what was going on.  I heard a comment from kids saying how cool this was and that they had Shpero balls in their classrooms.  Over all I thought the mini maker faire was a great experience for me and I learned a lot about things that I could potentially do within my classroom activity wise.